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Chauvin Arnoux 6240 - Micro Ohmmeter

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Chauvin Arnoux 6240 Micro Ohmeter

The Chauvin Arnoux 6240 is designed for the quick detection of any deterioration between two contact points.

The Chauvin Arnoux 6240 micro-ohmmeter provides reliable, accurate measurements due to its test current of up to 10 A. This accuracy is ensured through use of the 4-wire method which eliminates the effects of the leads' resistances and the contact resistances. The ability to reverse the polarity of the measurement current eliminates the effects of possible interference voltages.

The C.A. 6240 is suitable for all types of measurements (inductive components, resistances). The C.A 6240 possesses 7 measurement ranges accessible automatically by means of a rotary switch.


  • Very easy to use
  • Automatic measurement mode
  • Automatic "on the fly" or manual recording mode
  • Possibility of measurements on inductive components
  • Measurement prohibited in the presence of a disturbance voltage
  • Dimensions: 273 x 247 x 280 mm
  • Weight: 5kg


  • Contact resistance of switches & circuit breakers
  • Earth continuity in Buss bars
  • Quality of weld spots
  • Surface condition
  • Metallizing Graphite electrodes

    Package Includes

  • Set of 2 double test probes
  • Set of 2 Kelvin mini-clamps
  • C.A. 846 thermohygrometer
  • GB mains power lead 2m long
  • Optical / RS communication cable
  • User manual

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