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Radiodetection RD8000 PDL

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Radiodetection RD8000 PDL

Delivering fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable locate data the RD8000 improves on speed, accuracy and reliability yet remains a cost effective solution for any application delivering unique user features. Designed with the latest, patented digital firmware, the RD8000 delivers a highly controllable and reliable locate solution to service any industry.


  • Ergonomics - 28% lighter than an RD4000, it is a well balanced lightweight tool that encourages extended use. However whilst it is lightweight it is still rugged with an ingress protection rating of IP54
  • Centros™ Enabled - A result of 30 years of software development by Radiodetection has generated a high performance processing core which improves the accuracy and repeatability of measurements
  • Powerful signal filtering and analysis allows continued operation even in the most electrically noisy environments
  • iLOC™ - An advanced Bluetooth® link between the RD8000 locator and transmitter that helps save the operator time and effort. iLOC™ allows the operator to control the transmitter remotely using a number of unique features.The operator spends less time walking and more time locating. It operates up to 800 metres line of sight, providing the operator with a fast and unique means of conducting a survey
  • SurveyCERT™ - This enables the operator to upload up to 1000 locate records to a PDA or PC using Bluetooth®. You can then instantly view the data using SurveyCERT™ software. If the PC or PDA has a GPS receiver it will automatically add the timestamp and position to the record. It is compatible with Geographical Information System (GIS) packages
  • eCAL - The operator can validate the calibration of the RD8000 to ensure confidence that it is operating accurately. It can issue and print a certificate
  • TruDepth™ - Indicates depth only when the locator is positioned correctly above the target for the most accurate reading
  • Dynamic Overload Protection - Allows use of the RD8000 in areas where excessive signals are present
  • Peak Distance Arrows - Quickly guides the operator to the target’s centre axis using proportional arrows and sound
  • StrikeAlert™ - Reduces the risk of accidents by detecting shallow power cables and alerting the operator
  • Passive Avoidance - allows the operator to survey the ground quickly using simultaneous detection of power and radio signals carried on underground pipes or cables
  • Compass - Provides the operator with visual indication of the target cable or pipe direction
  • Custom Frequency Select - Enables a user to select a unique frequency below 1kHz
  • Fault Find - Locates a cable fault accurately within 1 metre using the optional A Frame attached to the locator
  • Current Direction - Identifies a target cable amongst a number of parallel cables using CD direction arrows. With CD the operator can locate a target quickly and eliminate wasted time
  • RD Transmitters - 1W/3W/10W power ratings There are two versions of the RD8000: RD8000PXL - The industry standard high performance cable and pipe locator. It has a broad range of active, passive and sonde frequencies as well as a number of unique user features supplied as standard. RD8000PDL - Offers a broader range of frequencies and sophisticated fault finding capabilities. It has all the features of the RD8000PXL and a larger range of active and passive frequencies (including CATV and CPS) plus Current Direction (CD) and Fault Find (FF) modes

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